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Hello There, I am back for a few moments after taking some time off for me. “We teach that which we need to learn the most” and I have learned I need to “take time out.” How have you been treating yourself? Have you been saying yes to everyone except you? Have you been the taxi for the neighborhood? Are you the only one at home during the time that one of the local “whiners” call and feel sorry for themselves all over you? I hope you know that people can pull you down faster than you can pull them up, IF they don’t really want to be pulled up. We have to learn to recognize those who just like to have pity parties and invite others to attend.

What am I talking about? Well, please read the heading again: I’m not loving you less, just loving me more. Take time for YOU! Take time for the person whose eyes are reading these words; love that person more. Stop putting off your life for others!!! Know that you are worthy of being loved; cared for; appreciated; talked with and on and on. In other words “how come it is so hard to express what our needs are and to ASK for what we need or want?” Why can’t we express our dislike for things we have put up with for years? Why?

I have gotten to the point that I think I have been trying to figure out the why so long it has taken on a life of its own. Trying to figure out the why and discussing the issues with friends and relatives become the solution for some of us. We don’t have to figure out our problems or solve any issues because we are working on it by talking about it. NOT!!! I realize I don’t have 500 more years to live, so I best get on with that which I need to do a little more of; not loving you less, just loving me more. Love, Peace, Hope and Joy to everyone that read these words.

Don’t count the years, make the years count!!!

Is the above question something that you have thought about recently? I’m not talking about you going shopping and buying shoes, dresses, jeans or other material items. Nor am I talking about attending a big gala affair, dressed to the hilt! Now don’t get me wrong these things are good in their place; however they probably won’t make your heart sing for hours or days.

I am talking about  something that fed your soul; made you smile inwardly; made you feel calm and at peace.  Lowered your blood pressure and had you humming to yourself. You see my experience has been that what can bring this experience to my soul usually can’t be brought.  Many times I can’t even put into words what it is I am experiencing, but I know my soul and spirit are at peace with what is happening.

One of my friends commented on my  Self Love  Self-Esteem article by saying she had been inspired to go to a movie by herself; another said she took a deep breath ( which is always calming) and went to work.  It appeared that just “being reminded” that we need to take care of ourselves was motivation enough for most of us to take immediate action.

Oh, did I use the word action? I wonder why action has to be part of this discussion? The reason I think it’s important is to say:  always taking action to take care of others, without nuturing YOU gets old after awhile. “We forget who we are being everything to everyone else.” We forget what we like; how to play; do nothing for half an hour and so on and so on. You get what I’m saying! 

On Facebook today I wrote  “You will never find time for anything. If you want time you have to make it!” I have found this to be true for me many times. How about you?

I am asking that you make time to make your soul sing during the coming days.  Pick something that doesn’t cost very much or is free. I am going to do what one of my friends said she does; take a long luxury bath.  I can’t wait!

Until next time, love, peace, hope and joy,

Shirley T

An Apprentice of Life

An Apprentice of Life

Today started at 4:15 a.m. with plans to attend the NSAVirginia meeting in Chesapeake, VA. I just arrived home an hour or so ago (around 8 15 pm) and I am happy to be here.  This was a good day! Two of my friends (Debbie Bowie and Coleen Kenny) won top honors at the NSA Virginia speaking competition. They were great! There were six other participants who had gone through almost a year’s training for this day. We learned a lot from having one of NSA’s success stories in the person of Darren LaCroix to come and work with us to “improve our speaking skills.” Again it was a very good day.

I am practicing a little self love right now by starting this Blog tonight.  I am keeping my word to myself. I am stepping out and expressing myself hoping to make a difference to you and me. We seem to be able to do for others so much more than we do for ourselves.  I don’t consider that “loving myself or self love.”

I am challenging you and me to do one fun thing everyday; everyday! Some days for me that will be resting in my recliner. Other days it will be dancing to old school music;  still other days it will be being still and listening to the silence. I call this practicing self love which I believe brings about better self esteem.  We are the only one that can do this for us! No other person can do it; no matter how much we want that to be true ” that ain’t how it works.”

So I’m not going to waste another moment; I’m going to love myself a little by getting some rest. You are welcome to join me.

Love, Peace, Hope and Joy,

Shirley T

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