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Self Love and Self Esteem

Posted on: June 20, 2009

An Apprentice of Life

An Apprentice of Life

Today started at 4:15 a.m. with plans to attend the NSAVirginia meeting in Chesapeake, VA. I just arrived home an hour or so ago (around 8 15 pm) and I am happy to be here.  This was a good day! Two of my friends (Debbie Bowie and Coleen Kenny) won top honors at the NSA Virginia speaking competition. They were great! There were six other participants who had gone through almost a year’s training for this day. We learned a lot from having one of NSA’s success stories in the person of Darren LaCroix to come and work with us to “improve our speaking skills.” Again it was a very good day.

I am practicing a little self love right now by starting this Blog tonight.  I am keeping my word to myself. I am stepping out and expressing myself hoping to make a difference to you and me. We seem to be able to do for others so much more than we do for ourselves.  I don’t consider that “loving myself or self love.”

I am challenging you and me to do one fun thing everyday; everyday! Some days for me that will be resting in my recliner. Other days it will be dancing to old school music;  still other days it will be being still and listening to the silence. I call this practicing self love which I believe brings about better self esteem.  We are the only one that can do this for us! No other person can do it; no matter how much we want that to be true ” that ain’t how it works.”

So I’m not going to waste another moment; I’m going to love myself a little by getting some rest. You are welcome to join me.

Love, Peace, Hope and Joy,

Shirley T


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I love this! I just took a deep breath. Now I’m off to work,

Hi Debra, thank you for being the first to respond letting me know you have read my blog. I love you lady and we shall get together soon. Shirley T

Hi Ms Shirley I tell you lady you are nothing but the truth .Continue to do what you are doing.Miss you and hope to see you soon.Take care.

Thank you Miss A! I appreciate you taking time to respond. Once I figure out how to send my Blog out automatically to folks who want it, I will add you to the list if that’s okay with you.

Thank you again! Hope to see you soon.

Ms Shirley Im with you I don’t mind at all

Shirley this is great girl. I love this…you give to so many that it is good to see you giving to yourself. How about your body, are you loving it too. If you love it it will love you back. I want to get back up with you, when you get able to go back to work and help you get to your goal. I know you can do it and with my persistance and your love for you, we can do it girl! I will hold your hand all the way love! Let’s do it for your health and wellness.


Hey Girl,

Thank you for commenting! 🙂

I will call you this week or you can call me. I want to get to that healthier state…….soon!

Great job, sweet Shirley T.! You do what you say you are going to do! I like the look as well. How does it feel to get started and be visible with all your good ideas?

Thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog!

Blessings and love,

Debbie, it feels great! I keep hearing one of the past NSA speakers saying “my half way product is better than your no product.” I have some work to do on it, however I’ve started. Also since my website is not up, I still have a “web presence” where I can send people. Darren said Friday that if you don’t have a website, start a Blog. Thank God and thank you for your support and encouragment. See you soon!

Love, Peace, Hope and Joy,
Shirley T

Hey Lady,

You are the bomb! It makes me feel good just to listen to your words of wisdom and kindess. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Honestly, teaching class is what I do for my self esteem every day except Sunday (then I rest). It makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I say “carpe diem”…life is too short to live any other way.

Luv ya, girl!

Hey Shirley T glad you’re back in action learning to give back and love yourself like you do with everyone you meet. I’m learning from the BEST. Love and miss you! Val

Hi Val,

I am missing y’all my Friend! Thank you for commenting.

Shirley T

I think a blog is great for you, Shirley. It’s like you’re giving more life to others, a perspective we may have never considered because we’re not you. There’s a quote I like that says the greatest gift we can give is our true selves. I’d say the greatest gift we can offer others is a wider experience of life (i.e. more life) by telling about your own as candidly as we can.

Thank you Marla! 🙂 See you soon!

Shirley T~
I love reading things you have written… you continue to be so inspirational in every way! Keep on keeping on! Look forward to reading more on your blog!

Thank you Kim! I will add you to the list to receive it automatically once i get that set up. I sincerely appreciate you commenting! 🙂

Love you Lady,
Shirley T

Miss Shirley, my sister from another mother. I love what you said. Keep it coming. I miss you soooo much. I will be on the tour next year and I pray you will be there too.
Love you bunches,

Hey Penn,
Thanks for taking time to comment!

I am making plans to be at that show. Keep me updated about when and where! Love you Sis by another mother!!

Shirley T


You have inspired me soooo much!

It’s all about being positive and taking care of “self”.

God bless you in a big way.

Thank you Wanda!! You being in the gym at 5:30 am has always inspired me! Looking GOOD Girle; REAL GOOD!!!

Thanks Shirley,

That was a great motivator for positive thinking as for us to love and take care of ourselves. Keep up the great work and I want to receive this.

Thanks for your kindness and love toward me.

Thank you for commenting Joyce! I appreciate you and value your support! See you at the gym soon!!!!!! 🙂

Shirley T,
Your presence and inspiration last Sunday stuck with me throughout the week! We can do ANYTHING we truly commit to. I had a positive week, completed my newsletter and managed to lose weight too! I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Continue to be good to yourself!!
Love, Janice

Hello My Friend,

Ditto to everything you said for me too! We are really good for each other! 🙂

I appreciate you as my friend! I am getting ready to go to the meeting today. I will write out my menu as it was such a great help last week. I will see you Wednesday.

Love you,
Shirley T

Shirley T.! Wow!! Allowing yourself to receive and to self acclaim your worth to yourself is the ultimate of giving! Let us all learn the message and truley believe that we owe ourselves the chance of loving who we are and to blend in with the true nature of our surroundings. The singing of the birds in the mornings light, to love the fact that it is wonderful to be in silence with the music of your own heart beating and feeling the flow of your breath. Self love. Seeing the blue sky above and knowing peace within.

My love to you Shirley. Namaste’

Hi Deb,

I like how you express yourself!!!!!!! Isn’t it wonderful to be aware of this and be okay with yourself? It doesn’t mean we don’t take action to improve; however as I always say “We are working on what’s already alright.”

The love is mutual my friend. I will join you in one of your great yoga classes real soon.

Shirley T


You have taught me so much over the years. I have always appreciated the time you spend with me. I find you inspiring and continue to learn from you. You are one of God’s special gifts, and you give so much of yourself. It is no wonder that we all love to hear from you. I miss seeing you, and look forward to spending time with you again. Thanks so much for all your patience, inspiration, and words of wisdom.


I turned 52 on Sunday and allowed some time in the morning to reflect, to look back through the years and found so many emotions swell from within. I have decided to toot my own horn at least once a day. I have given myself permission to be “selfish”. It is okay to stop when I am tired. It is okay to use all of the hot water for a bath full of bubbles and lavender!

Loving ourselves gives us the ability see that which is strong and be proud.
Loving ourselves allows us to see that which is perhaps a weakness and know that these weaknesses are what becomes our strengths.

I look forward to seeing you soon!!!

I love this, Shirley. So absolutley true! This is good and important work you are doing!


What an inspiration you are! The past 2 yrs at VL at 6 a.m. have made me make time for myself and doesn’t inconvenience anyone!
I look forward to your classes and especially your little thoughts for the day. We are glad you are back! Mary Beth

Hey Shirly T,
I’m sorry it took me so long to reply but God always knows when it’s time. I opened up your blog today and read just what I needed to hear. I have been very busy and just like you asked what have I done for myself lately? Thanks Shirly T for reminding me to take time out for myself. I love the blog

Thank you Valerie! I missed you at the meeting Sunday. I appreciate you reading the Blog.

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  • Mary Leedy: Hi Shirley! Yes, it's a year later and I found your blog, lol. I just wanted to say your post was a beautiful one, especially the heading. It hit h
  • esteemone: Thank you Valerie! I missed you at the meeting Sunday. I appreciate you reading the Blog.
  • valerie: Hey Shirly T, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply but God always knows when it's time. I opened up your blog today and read just what I needed to h


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